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Ghent, Europe’s Best Kept Secret


Our city is no large metropolis, far from it. But where else do you find a destination that fully breaths history, and at the same time is so full of modern city life and culture? National Geographic Traveler Magazine acknowledged this when it placed Ghent third in its global ranking of authentic historic destinations. Ghent’s “brilliant mix of a wonderful past and a contemporary, vibrant city” makes it the most authentic city in the world, the magazine said. Luckily, because actually we don’t like to praise our city ourselves.


There’s more. Lonely Planet called our city “Europe’s best kept secret” and a top 10 must see city for 2011: “Ghent might just be the best European city you’ve never thought of visiting.”… “Here hides one of Europe’s finest panoramas of water, towers and old houses. And it seems the Belgians forgot to tell anyone.”

Forgot? Not really. Ghent tends not to scream its riches from the rooftops. Though the locals want to share and show off their city, they are aware of the danger for another tourist trap. So do they want you to come and visit? Yes, but of your own accord, taking your time to really understand Ghent and its ways.

“It’s the way its citizens take the beauty for granted, without somehow losing their appreciation for it, like someone who’s been with a stunningly handsome lover for 20 years”, as Passport Magazine put it.


So Ghent is full of history, art, beautiful architecture, canals and joie de vivre.

You still need more reasons?
- You must see for yourself what Napoleon already knew: the Van Eyck alterpiece ‘The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’ really is key to European art history.
- The city comes to life again after sunset with the Ghent award winning light plan. And check out the next light festival in 2015!
- The Ghent Festivities, Europe’s biggest cultural popular festival in open air, will sweep you off your feet.
- Ghent is a culinary hotchpotch and Europe’s veggie capital.
- Because you like to get off the beaten track!

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