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The Automotive Industry in Flanders


Flanders is synonymous with a thriving and dynamic automotive industry. Building vehicles and developing and producing components has been part of the DNA of our country and our region for decades.

Today, about 300 companies create added value for the Flemish automotive industry. Located in the heart of the European Union, Flanders is home to three car assembly plants, a truck assembly plant and two major bus builders, many manufacturers of trailers, and bodybuilders. Other companies covering an extensive range of related activities are also established here: sales, marketing, R&D, coordination for Central Europe, training and logistics.

The great variety of automotive manufacturers and assembly plants has prompted the creation in Flanders of a strong network of suppliers of auto parts, technology providers and service providers over the past years. This knowledge-intensive industry is also backed by reputable research centres and universities. In their collaboration with the industry they are constantly looking for new technologies to shape the future. Schools and third-level colleges have been producing highly skilled and motivated young professionals for several decades.

The people working in the Flemish automotive industry are well known for their hands-on attitude, their focus on the customer and quality, and their automotive spirit in general.

Various research institutions, each with its own focus, are conducting in-depth research work for the automotive industry – be it on powertrains and control systems, new materials and alternative energy sources, electronics or ICT for vehicles.

Every year, close to 500,000 cars and more than 40,000 commercial vehicles, buses and trailers come out of the assembly lines. Flanders is one the world’s top vehicle producers on a per capita basis. More than 90% of the assembled vehicles is intended for export. 3.3 million cars and other vehicles are shipped annually from the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge.  With a workforce of 85,000, the automotive industry directly and indirectly accounts for almost 10% of the jobs in the Belgian industry.

Flanders is definitely a key player in the European and by extension global market that the automotive industry represents.

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